Topbet Bonus Offers

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Topbet is one of the few Sportsbooks catering to American Bettors, and they offer some of the most unique betting options. So naturally, they want to welcome their players with a a host of great bonuses to get them off on the right foot.

The first is their tiered sign up bonus. When you create an account with Topbet, your first deposit will be increased for free. Wehn you deposit $50-$99 it is increased by 50%, $100-$199 is increased by 75%, and $200-$1000 is increased by 100%. Opening your playing career with a Topbet balance of $2000 is nothing to shake a stick at.

For Baseball bettors, you won’t even need to use your balance to bet on Sundays. At the end of the week players get a free $10 bet to place on any game.

You can continue to get more out of your free balance by playing their weekly Parlay Challenge. Every week Topbet will set a number of parlay match up bets that that selecting the winners correctly earns you an additional 20% on your investment! A $50 bet could see you winning $1200!

When you’ve finally earned your winnings, they will pay for your first courier withdrawal straight to your door.

These, along with Topbet’s Casino bonuses can net you up to $1800 in free playing balance. Sign up today to claim your Bonuses!


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