Excitement grows as a trio of major NFL milestones prepare to fall

Through 5 weeks of the NFL season, two greats are silently about to overtake some incredible records, right under the noses of many fans.

The first and most exciting is Drew Brees nearing the record for most Passing Yards in NFL history. Brees is sitting 4600 yards behind Peyton Manning and Brett Farve in the all-time leaderboards, the Former with 71,940 yards all time. Brees is in his 17th season and has the incredible stat that before him, there was one 5000 yard-passing Quarterback, Dan Marino. Since Drew threw his first 5000, Matthew Stafford, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady have all thrown for 5k once. Brees has thrown for 5000 five times in his career, and six 4000 yard seasons.

As of right now, Drew Brees is on track for 4500 yards this season, 150 short of the record, setting the stage for a week 17 record-shattering moment.

The second big milestone that looks ready to fall is Frank Gore gearing up to pass LaDainian Tomlinson and Jerome Bettis for 5th all-time in Rushing Yards. Only 380 yards behind The Chargers great, Gore spent 10 seasons in San Fransisco before signing with The Colts 3 years ago and is having a hard time slowing down. This record should come as a surprise to many, as Gore was often injured, but silently accumulated nine 1000 yard rushing seasons.

At the moment the Colts Running Back is on pace for 825 yards on the season, theoretically leaving only 400 yards between him and Curtis Martin, should Gore decide to return for a 14th season.

Last, but certainly¬†not least, is “Legend” Larry Fitzgerald, who is on pace to leap from 8th to 3rd all-time in receiving yards. The 14th year pro is only 284 yards away from becoming a 15k receiver and is on pace to overtake that by 700 yards, passing the likes of Randy Moss, Tony Gonzalez, and Tim Brown. Fitzgerald has caught for over 1000 yards 8 times in his prior 13 campaigns, and though it looked like he was out of his prime from 2012-2014, he’s found new life with Carson Palmer.

Other notable records to watch this season include Tom Brady passing 65k passing yards, and Adrian Peterson becoming a 12k yard rusher.

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