Jon Jones calls out Brock Lesnar – What would that fight look like?

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Jones Lesnar

Jon “Bones” Jones couldn’t make it more obvious in his return to the octagon: he’s the best fighter alive. After an assertive KO victory against Daniel Cormier That resulted in a soul-crushing soundbite from DC, Jones looked forward to his next opponent. He wants Brock Lesnar. So what would that fight look like?

First off, easily the biggest factor is weight. Jones fights Light heavyweight at 205, where Lesner fights at a heavyweight 265. While cross division fights aren’t unheard of, it’s rare that a fighters weight is such an advantage in their own class.

Brock Made a habit of using his wrestling background to get an opponent to the ground and crushing them with his muscular frame until he was done punching them. 4 of his 5 victories came from punches on the ground.

Lesnar averages 4 takedowns a fight but only succeeds in 55% of attempts, so it’s something he focuses on. What makes that interesting is Jones is so tough to take down. He defends 95% of attempts against him, but would an extra 50 pounds be too much for him to handle?

Just watching Jones’ return to the ring how much speed he has at 30 years old. Daniel Cormier is a former Heavyweight how landed some hard shot, but was notably slower. Whether that is because “Bones” is a freak of nature, or 38-year-old heavyweight fists just carry more weight, standing up is Jones’ big advantage. Lesnar comes in 10 years older than Jones.

There’s a chance he could just dance around Lesnar pounding on him from a distance. He averages a whole extra significant strike and defends at a 15% higher rate. Plus, he is wildly more athletic.
So who would win? It’s a tough call. but as one of Jones’ biggest supporters, this is a fight that would make me the most nervous. It’s the Unstoppable force vs the Immovable object.