Tom Brady Leads the 2017/18 MVP Odds race yet again

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Every year the NFL MVP competition looks very similar: A bunch of quarterbacks, a running back or two, and one great defender everyone knows won’t win. Here’s a look at the stand-out odds for the early MVP favorites.

Top 5:

Tom Brady +500

Aaron Rodgers +500

Derek Carr +700

Ben Roethlisberger +900

Dak Preskott +1600

Matt Ryan +1600

Le’veon Bell +1600

Russell Wilson +1600

Ezekiel Elliott +2000

Other Notables:

Drew Brees +2500

JJ Watt +6000

Khalil Mack +6600

Von Miller +10000 

Of course, Tom Brady stands out in front again. Given his 28-2 touchdown to interception ratio last season, as well as his historic comeback over the reigning MVP Matt Ryan in the Super Bowl, its a no-brainer favorite. Aaron Rodgers shares first place, but will need to get off to a faster start than the last two seasons if he wants to win the title.

In a four way split for third is Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Le’veon Bell and Dak Preskott. Though repeating is a tall order, Matt Ryan has a great chance to do just that.

While there absolutely is a chance Dak Preskott could win MVP in his second season, he just won’t. Winning games is a team achievement, and the Cowboys finishing 13-3 has Preskott overvalued as a Quarterback.

Speaking of Quarterback, it looks like that is where your bets should be going. The first none Quarterback to come up on the list is Le’veon Bell, who could be holding out this season, then Ezekiel Elliott, who faces some sort of suspension this year.

Since 2005 only 3 none Quarterbacks have won MVP; Shaun Alexander in ’05, Ladainian Tomlinson in ’06, and Adrian Peterson in 2012.

No defensive player has won MVP since Lawrence Taylor, with the only defenders considered in the early odds are sack artists JJ Watt, Khalil Mack and Von Miller.

If we had to pick our favorite odds to bet on, its Drew Brees, who has made a career out of throwing for 5000 yards a season. If that can be transferring in to a deep playoff run, there are some huge earnings to be found on him.