Who is the favourite to win The Premier League through 7 matches?

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With The English Premier League as well as the rest of Major European leagues having the next 2 weeks off for World Cup Qualifiers, we will take this time to take a closer look at the state of the top of the table. Below you’ll find the odds for the League winner, as well as what teams have the best odds to make the top 4.

Odds to Win Premier League through 7 Matches

Manchester City, 6-1-0, +20 GD, Currently 1st Place – (4/6)

Manchester United, 6-1-0, +19 GD, Currently 2nd – (11/4)

Tottenham Hotspur, 4-2-1, +9 GD, Currently 3rd – (14/1)

Chelsea, 4-1-2, +6 GD, Currently 4th – (9/1)

Arsenal,  4-1-2, +3 GD, Currently 5th – (25/1)

Liverpool, 3-3-1, +1 GD, Currently 7th – (33/1)

Best Of the Rest to Make the Top 4

Everton, 2-1-4, -8 GD, Currently 16th – (66/1)

Burnley, 3-3-1, +2 GD, Currently 6th – (150/1)

Southampton, 2-2-3, -2 GD, Currently 12th – (100/1)

Thus far Manchester City is the heavy favorite to take first place, with only Manchester United on their heals. But it should be noted that it was only a few weeks ago that United relinquished the Premier League lead due to a 2-2 Draw with Stoke City. With neither club slowing down, it looks for now like only their head to head matches will settle the stalemate (an edge we currently would give United).

Romalu Lukaku is the Leagues leading scorer with 7 tallies, but Man. City has 3 scorers in the top 10 (Aguero 6, Sterling 5, Jesus 4). Its fair to insinuate teams like Tottenham are achieving at such a high rate solely on the foot of Harry Kane, who has produced 43% of their goals. One man cannot win you a title.

at just under 4/1 odds, Manchester United is our favorite line for bettors to win the Premier League.

In terms of other clubs that could sneak into the top 4, Burnley seems to be overachieving right now, sitting in 6th place one win away from 3rd. And yet they’ve notched wins against big clubs, including an opening week stunner over Chelsea, so don’t count them out to stick close to the top of the table.

On the other hand, Everton seems to be severely underperforming, if only according to their odds. Before week 1 we wrote how swapping Lukaku for Rooney spelled disaster for the club, but in a twist, the change has only gone to expose Everton’s lack of talent across the board, as Rooney has scored 2 of their 4 goals.

For bettors, Burnley at 150/1 is too juicy to pass up.

We will follow the table and update these odds as the year progresses.