Neymar Leaving Barcelona? What that means for La Liga, PSG, and Champions League Odds

Neymar loves scoring but doesn’t like playing third fiddle behind Messi and Suarez. He didn’t say that. But he also didn’t not say it, and it’s a fair assumption to make right now, as he’s making a trade attempt to exit Barcelona. The Brazilian contributed to 21% of his clubs offense, but now is being pursued largely by Paris St. Germain, who are looking for a bonafide star on the attack.

Here are some notable transfer odds:

• PSG  –  11/8
• Man Utd/Man City  –  16/1
• Tottenham/ Liverpool  –  25/1
• Real Madrid  –  25/1
• Juventus  –  25/1

Clearly, the favorite here is the Ligue 1 heavyweight, and for good reason. Like Bayern Munich, they are looking to compete more heavily in The Champions league, and the way they feel to do that is to lure away La Liga’s stars. And he would be a good fit for the club, as they recently added Dani Alves to a backend that surrendered fewer goals than the defending Ligue 1 champions Monaco, his goal scoring potency (13 Goals and 11 assists) would bring their total about even with the reigning champs.

So how would this move affect Ligue 1 and Champions league odds?

Ligue 1: PSG  –  1/3
               Monaco  –  4/1
               Marseille  –  16/1

Champions: Barcelona  –  5/1 
                       Bayern Munich  –  11/2 
                       Real Madrid  –   5/1 
                       Juventus  –  9/1 
                       Man City  –  12/1 
                       Chelsea  –  12/1 
                       Man Utd  –  16/1 
                       Atletico Madrid  –  14/1 
                       Paris St Germain  –  16/1 
                       Borussia Dortmund  –  22/1 

These are current odds that do not include Dani Alves, who recently promised a Champions League Title for Paris, and a move for Neymar would all but lock up a Ligue 1 victory for PSG. However, this by no means cripples Barcelona in La Liga or the Champions League. As previously covered Real Madrid could be facing an aggressive decline, and this move would bring Barcelona down a peg with them, but they should still sit at the top by the end of the season.

In the Champions League, however, it should give risers Bayern Munich at least a cut of the top of the table. In terms of Paris St. Germain, in our opinion, it would move their Champions league odds past the likes of Atletico Madrid, Man Utd., and possibly even Chelsea if they do in fact lose Eden Hazard as it’s rumored they might.

So while this may be the time to buy PSG odds, if you feel so inclined, it would not move them past the likes of Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and even a diminished Real Madrid club.