Odds to Win the AFC

• With the news that Le’veon Bell may not play for the Steelers under the franchise tag, the 5/2 favoring odds on The Patriots is warranted. Nobody should be considered close to New England on paper. Teams have a better chance of being battled for most wins, opposed to beating them on the field.

• Though a personal favorite to uproot New England, The Raiders face an uphill battle in a tough division. While Kansas City, Denver, and Los Angeles shouldn’t be favored to take the division from the black hole, the are set to make Oakland earn every win.

• Early bets unsurprisingly see 48% of slips reading The New England Patriots. What is surprising, however, is that Denver, Houston, and Jacksonville all fill the bottom 3 of the top 5 bet-on teams. It is to be noted that Denver is an aging team without much to speak of at Quarterback, Houston could very well be led by a rookie, and Jacksonville is largely unproven.

New England Patriots 5/2
Pittsburgh Steelers 9/2
Oakland Raiders 8
Kansas City Chiefs 17/2
Denver Broncos 8
Houston Texans 12
Baltimore Ravens 16
Indianapolis Colts 18
Cincinnati Bengals 18
Tennessee Titans 22
Los Angeles Chargers 28
Miami Dolphins 22
Buffalo Bills 28
Jacksonville Jaguars 33
Cleveland Browns 66
New York Jets 50

*Per Bet365

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