Superbowl LII Odds to win outright

• With some of the most deceptive odds, the NFL is still led by the Patriots who added Mike Gillislee (101 carries for 507 yards and 8 Touchdowns) and Brandin Cooks (78 Catches for 1173 yards and 8 Touchdowns) to create more distance in the league

• The most inviting odds subjectively are The New York Giants (25/1) who added a much needed Big body receiver in Brandon Marshall and talented Tight End Evan Engram to an already talented group, where the worst appears to be The Broncos (16/1) who have an aging offense and are led by a below average talent in Trevor Seimian

• The second most bet-on team early on are the Houston Texans (22/1) at 9%, whose Quarterback situation is up in the air. The are behind only the Patriots, at 25%

 1-16⇓  Opening*  17-32 Cont.⇓
New England Patriots 9/2 Baltimore Ravens 33
Green Bay Packers 10 Tennessee Titans 50
Seattle Seahawks 10 Philadelphia Eagles 40
Pittsburgh Steelers 11 New Orleans Saints 40
Dallas Cowboys 9 Cincinnati Bengals 40
Atlanta Falcons 14 Detroit Lions 50
Oakland Raiders 18 Los Angeles Chargers 66
Kansas City Chiefs 18 Miami Dolphins 50
Denver Broncos 16 Washington Redskins 50
New York Giants 25 Jacksonville Jaguars 66
Carolina Panthers 22 Buffalo Bills 66
Houston Texans 22 Chicago Bears 100
Arizona Cardinals 20 Los Angeles Rams 100
Minnesota Vikings 25 San Francisco 49ers 125
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 40 Cleveland Browns 125
Indianapolis Colts 40 New York Jets 100

*Per Bet365

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