Betvictor has one of the proudest histories in Sports betting and online Casinos. With a clean and professional interface, Betvictor has an incredible array of betting features. These include their Bet boost enhanced prices, cash out system, and season ticket.

Began in 1946 (though surely not online), Betvictor is commissioned and run out of Gibraltar. Boasting 5 straight years of the best odds according to Oddschecker, they make a point of giving their players the best opportunities to win big.

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For such a pretty interface, the main page is jam-packed with information. With all the cards stacked long ways on each other down the page, each only contains the match up, and the money lines on wins or draws.

More in depth odds can be found easily at the right end of the card. On the homepage you’ll find match ups currently in play, then the daily bet boost enhanced prices (more on that later), and then lists of the top upcoming match ups from various sports.

Their top navigation bar features their most popular pages: Home, In-play, Football, Horses, Dogs, Tennis. The left bar contains every other page, including featured links, popular pages, and the full list of sports the offer.

The right bar contains the bet slip, including a list of current popular bets and they are accompanied by total earnings per a £10 bet. It’s a great system I’ve never seen before. More on it later.


Betvictor features 33 different sports to play, including:

Football, American Football, Aussie Rules, Basketball, Formula 1, Rugby Union, Greyhounds, Beach Volleyball, Baseball, Hockey, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Horseracing, boxing, cricket, and much more.

Their bet slip is commonly strong, as it’s responsive and immediately alerts you of changing odds on the bets you’re placing. Everything you’ve come to expect.

Whats uncommon about Betvictor is their commitment to providing people the best odds to win big every day. The first list of cards you see when you open the site is titled “Bet Boost Today’s Enhanced Prices,” which is exactly what it sounds like; a daily selection of props that have had the odds jacked way up to increase your winnings, based on a capped bet. Scowering these deals for the best bet can be fun and is literally worth your time.

They also provide a list of Popular bets, teams or props that have seen a lot of bets. You’re given the option to select specific popular lines to bet on or take all bets at once for the opportunity to win close to x15 your bet.

If that wasn’t enough, Betvictor is very proud of their Cash-out system. This allows you to place a bet, and at any time in the match cash out whatever the current odds have turned your bet in to. For example, if you place a £100 bet on an underdog who goes into halftime winning by 1, you can choose to cash out at their current odds and take a winning amount instead of risking losing or a draw. The cash out system is available on cards that have its symbol, represented by cash in hand.

And of course, regular bets and props are available for anyone looking for a straight forward betting experience.

Betvictor also nailed live betting. With a live animation of whats happening on the field, you have a great idea of the flow of the game. That makes selection one of their extensive list of in play prop bets with confidence much easier.

Wallet System

The deposit and withdraw systems are easy, but not varied. Depositing, your options are Credit Card, a Pay Safe card, or wire transfer. Depositing through Credit Card your minimum is £10, with no listed max. Pay Safe has a minimum of £15, and wire transfer has no listed min or max.

Credit Cards and Wire Transfer are your only withdraw options. Your minimum withdraws for both are £15 and £200, respectively.

Making a deposit goes into the category “Sports/Casino/Live Casino,” so your balance is available across the site.

Customer Support

Betvictor covers all the classic bases of customer service. 24/7 email and chat. Emails were always responded to quickly and attentively, in my experience.

One neat thing they do is offer to call you. Just putting in your phone number has a Betvictor member call you within a few minutes to go over your issues. This is one of my favorite features that are starting to catch on in other places as well.

They also offer a Help Center, which lets you find a written answer to some of the most common concerns bettors find themselves having.

For as pretty as Betvictor has made their interface, it’s incredible how many great features are riddling this site.

The cash out system is great for the conservative bettor, featured links and popular bets direct you to the best opportunities to win. Daily enhanced lines give you a great chance to blow your balance up to great numbers.

The deposit and withdraw systems are not varied but are more than serviceable.

Betvictor is easily one of the best sites to find yourself betting and actually winning, and we couldn’t recommend it enough.