Bovada (USA & South America)

Bovada is one of the most popular Sportsbooks in the world. With a large spaced out interface, simple bet and parlay slip, and an uncomplicated payment system, it is one of the most welcoming sites for new bettors. They pride themselves on their Horse Racing bets, having a whole page separate from their extensive Sportsbook selection.

Based in Antigua and are regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is based in Quebec, Canada.

Open an Account with Bovada and receive a 50% welcome bonus, up to $250.


The first Important note is on February 27th, 2017, Bovada announced their expansion to be available for players in South America. Their site is offered in a range of languages that now include Portuguese and Spanish. This now adds to the Sportsbook’s international reach that spans from North America, China, and Vietnam.


What makes Bovada different from many other sites is just how easy it is on the eyes. The entire site is uncluttered, with plenty of space between each game line. Most cards feature a large photo to add clarity. Cards also show an impressive amount of information while on the front page, often displaying all the information you need at a minimum, Like a Baseball team’s pitcher, run line, money line, and total over/under’s, for example. It is also made very clear where to click if you’re looking for more specific bets.

Bovada has applied to the minimalist aesthetic, only displaying the top four cards for each league, natively. As the page is constantly updating in real time in front of you, very few of your clicks will ever refresh the page. All 22 (23 if you count the Horse Racing page) of Bovada’s sports are available on the left side of the page at all times, with no drop down menus to navigate through.

Clicking on your account name brings down your dashboard, which shows a breakdown of your current balance, as well as your recent activities and history.


As outlined above, Bovada offers 23 sports categories. These include:

Soccer, Football, Cricket, Rugby, Badminton, Hockey, Boxing, UFC/MMA, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Motor sports, E-Sports, and Darts, etc.

Each of these breaks down into more specific selections as well. For example visiting the Football page gives you a real time look at NFL, CFL, and NCAA cards and Futures. They also have a long list of political and Entertainment cards, such as who will rule the Iron Throne at the end of Game of Thrones (I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know what that means).

One of their best features is their real time bet slip. The large slip pulls open from the right side of the page when you select odds you’d like to bet on and give you large, clear prompts if odds change or if you have the option for a parlay bet. Bovada does such a good job staying on top of live odds changes,  and this is supported in the Bet slip, giving you a big Cautionary message that the odds are no longer what you had selected. Parlay bets are also incredibly simple and clear, as depicted to the right.

Bovada also has a great live betting system, opening a small window with a long list of events currently in play, along with up to date game information to follow along as the match unfolds. It’s not the most in-depth game monitoring system on the market, but if you’re only concerned with following the major moments to find the right time to bet, it’s perfect for you.

All odds are displayed in the American format, as is to be expected.

Balance System

The theme of simplicity carries over to the deposit/withdraw system Bovada has in place. They only accept credit cards and now Bitcoin, both of which couldn’t be simpler to set up.

As you’d expect, using a credit card is as easy as putting in your account number and depositing a balance. There is no minimum deposit, with the maximum being $3000 dollars. Making a withdrawal, however, would not go directly to your credit card. Your options include withdrawing into your Bitcoin wallet, courier’s check (minimum $20’s, no maximum amount). When requesting a courier’s check, you are entitled to one free withdrawal per month.

Bovada is also very proud of their new deposit and withdraws system with Bitcoin. They say it is cheaper and more secure than depositing through a Credit Card. The process is easy, simply create a Bitcoin wallet account (Bovada suggests Bread Wallet), deposit funds from a bank account or credit card which then can be deposited into Bovada. Withdrawing is just as easy, as the process is just reversed.

This would also allow you to receive a withdrawal much faster, as a couriers check would take the time to mail.

As Bovada is also a Casino, your balance is accessible across the site for betting, games, and poker, without the need to transfer funds from one room to another.

Customer Service

Bovada’s customer service accepts calls, e-mails, and has an online chat option. In my personal experience with their customer service, I was helped very quickly and professionally. It’s not stated whether or not their services are available 24 hours, but I’ve had late night emails responded to within the hour.

As always though, user experiences may vary.

Without a doubt, Bovada is the premier option for the United States, and now South American betting communities. Their spread out-easy to read interface is inviting, with a bet slip that is simple to use but impressively up to the second with changing odds. And now with the addition of Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, their wallet system is more secure, for those worried about security.