Top Bet is one of the new kids on the block and comes packing some very interesting new features. With a host of “If” bets and a deep focus on statistics, a few minutes with the site will have you looking past the old school aesthetics.

Established in 2011, Top Bet is Regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission and accepts players from all around the world, including The United States. The only countries excluded are Canada, The Philippines, and interestingly enough, Curacao.

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At first glance, Top Bet may appear a bit dated. By no means a bad look, simply not as flashy as some of the other sites out there. But very clearly, Top Bet has focused their priorities in how the site operates, and it pays off.

Top Bet tries to make their specialties clear early, with a focus on Major American Sports. Their top navigation bar only lists Live Betting, MLB, MLS, and parlay card for placing cross-sport parlay bets. Top Bet’s entire list of available lines on all sports are available down the left. Their cards display all the information you would need, such as these baseball lines, which display the Pitchers, spread, money line and over/under.

These are also the only 3 lines you have the option to bet on. You won’t be finding any “Over/Under at the end of 3rd quarter” odds here, which means different things to different people. I for one only bet on the three lines displayed, so I am happy with it.  
One of the coolest features that Top Bet has available on select sports is an incredibly in-depth look at stats. When betting on MLB, College Football or Basketball, NFL, CFL, NHL, WNBA, or Nascar, you have the option of seeing pages and pages of statistics the break down every aspect of a match up.

You are able to gauge who has the advantage in any given situation, who is coming off hot streaks, or have a team matches up against divisional opponents vs. non-divisional. It’s perfect for bettors who love going in feeling they’ve made a safe, informed decision.  


The other interesting feature Top Bet offers are their “if” bet selections. from what I’ve seen, this is not a feature available on many Sportsbooks.

For those who don’t know, an “If” bet is a safer alternative to parlay bets. Selecting 2 or more games to bet on, you would place one bet on Team A to win, and your second bet is only placed if they do in fact win. A loss would cancel any further bets.

$100 bet placed
Bet A: Brewers (-195) TO WIN
Bet B: Red Sox (-150) T0 WIN

A single $100 total bet is placed, and if The Brewers win, you would take the $52 winnings, and then that initial $100 bet is automatically placed on The Red Sox to win $67. If The Brewers lose, you only lose $100 one time. This is a safer alternative to parlay bets (which are also available), where the losses are higher and the odds are lower, though the take is much higher.

Top Bet has 10 sports to bet on, largely pointed at American sports. These include:

Football, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, Nascar, Basketball, MMA, Tennis, Golf, Soccer.

The Bet Slip gives you just what you would expect. It gives you a few drop-down menus to select if you’d like to place a straight or parlay bet, “If,” “Reverse If,” teaser, or progressive parlay bet. 
You can also choose if you’d like your bet receipts to be emailed to you right from your bet slip, which is a nice touch.

Top Bet has Live Play first in their Navigation bar, but it is bare bones as an option. No in game stats are shown or available at this time, and the only lines are the typical Spread-Ov/Un-Money Line options. Their bringing focus to live betting suggests they intend to grow this feature.

Wallet System

The deposit/Withdraw options are slim for Top Bet. They accept Credit Cards and only pay out credit deposits by courier’s check. These checks take between 5-12 days to be delivered, which is impressive for an international site accommodating hundreds of thousands of bettors. They allow one free withdrawal a month, with any withdrawal under $300 dollars costing $40.

As of January 2016, Top Bet has started accepting Bitcoin deposits and Withdrawals. This is an easy and secure option, simply needing you to set up a bitcoin wallet and attach it to a credit card or bank account. This allows you to receive your balance immediately, and for free. This is the best option for Top Bet players moving forward.

Your balance is also to use across Top Bet’s selection of Casino games.

Customer Service

Top Bet has a very competent team working their customer service lines, with a 24-hour help line, email address, and fax number. They are very welcoming to any and all questions as they seem to be driven to making their brand more accessible.

While showing their inexperience a little with a bare bones approach to interface and live betting, Top Bet is packing a few very cool features. A very, very deep dive on stats is something I’ve always wanted in a betting site, and “If” bets are a great way to increase your winnings or minimizing a loss without raising your risks. Along with their 100% sign up bonus up to $1000, this is a great option for bettors in the United States, and abroad.